Our Earth?? Not anymore!!!!!



Now Todays condition is worst than ever. we are at the tipping point ,where if we don’t take any further steps then we end up with ending the ONE AND ONLY BEAUTIFUL PLANET “THE EARTH”.    Increasing in pollution will result in catastrophic condition. To be said truly we only had left 20-25 years of peaceful life on this planet ,after that the condition will not be favourable. Only a few can handle the situation , the extreme temperature, the pollution, the natural disaster.


The condition will become like survival of the fittest .Today most of the country are concern with the environment issue and they take certain crucial steps regarding this. But most of the country, they even did’t consider it.  donald trumph cancels the agreement of paris environment with USA. And also India will continue to reduce its poverty condition which in fact will never be end. India will continue to concern with poverty and not on the environment issue. So it will take around 25-30 years minimum to reduce the poverty but that is not enough. and after that even if India ends the poverty after 30 years, there will no place on earth to live. Because the distruction  rate  if higher and after few years the condition become infavourable for human being to survive. Most of the scientist says that Earth will have a life of about 100 years. but in fact this is the worst condition to survive and we only have around 30-40 years. If we not done anything to save our planet then we ended up with nothing. after 30 years the temperature goes around more than 50 degree and which is extreme for a common person to survive.



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