Well!! If we look at the current situation in India, Our prime minister NARENDRA MODI JI done a great job to stop the black money. replacing the notes helps alot in the current corrupt situation of the country.

We all come to know that there is enormous black money in our country , if you saw the news you knows definately!.

If this condition continuous in future then their will be no development or the poor remains poor because as you come to knows that many citizens in India burns their money or some of them put a lot amount of money in the threading machine. AND at the same time the poor are willing to take any money. because they fight everyday for food , for their survival, for the money they make,to feed their family!

well i don’t know this will bring any change but if someone has enough money to burn or to put in threading machine ,they can help the needy, the poor people of the country. Its the last chance if we fought together then will able to overcome the poverty in India!.

Today when i passing by an dairy ,i saw a men selling JHADU on his own bicycle. he asked me to buy any because his wife and children at home waiting for him, their eyes are willing to see their father brings food to them. they fight everyday to survive at the same time the rich people are burning their money!. i purchased some dairy and food products and gave it to him!

i mean whats the hell is going in this country none of them wants to help them!!




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