Unhackable, Unbreakable, Waterproof Turing Phone Delayed Till Next Year

Unhackable, Unbreakable, Waterproof Turing Phone Delayed Till Next Year


In August this year, the ‘unhackable, unbreakable, and waterproof’ . However, Turing Robotic Industries has now sent an email announcing that it needs some more time and that the shipping date has now been delayed. It is worth noting that the smartphone already went up for pre-orders earlier this year.

“TRI needs more time to make sure when the Turing Phone is delivered it’ll be one of the best mobile devices ever conceived. To accomplish this, we ask for your patience and continuous support,” the email said.

For those who have already pre-ordered the smartphone, the company is giving them two compensation options,  Android Police. Either they can cancel their pre-order and receive the refund, or they will receive a free inbuilt storage upgrade if they stick with their pre-orders. Those who had ordered the 16GB inbuilt storage version will now get the 64GB version, and those that had ordered the 64GB version will get the 128GB version. Those who ordered the 128GB version will get the smartphone’s limited edition model.

The company is yet to announce the revised shipping date for the Turing Phone. It however, has promised to roll it out by the end of Q1 next year.

the 5.5-inch Turing phone has no USB port and no headphone jack. The smartphone is called ‘unhackable, unbreakable, and waterproof’ as it features end-to-end encryption built into most of the core apps on the phone. It is made of a material called liquidmorphium that is stronger than steel or aluminium and apparently the next big thing in phones. The phone is also extraordinarily waterproof owing to a nano-coating on the internals. No rubber is used and everything is accessible and open.


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