McLaren’s concept racer looks like it’s jumped right out of a T.R.O.N. movie sequel

McLaren’s concept racer looks like it’s jumped right out of a T.R.O.N. movie sequel

From a shapeshifting body to a possible brain interface with the driver, yes, there’s much to be excited about.
  • McLaren-MP4-X concept car

McLaren has recently outed a concept of what could be a real Formula racing car, albeit in the very distant future. Dubbed the MP4-X, this creation looks like it’s meant for only the fringe of what could be defined as a ‘car’. Although does insist that all of the technology alluded to in this racing machine is very real, though much of it in its most nascent form.

The car features what looks to be numerous new-generation approaches to F1 design, including a closed cockpit for enhanced driver safety, a hybrid powertrain, a shape-shifting chassis that adapts to differing aerodynamic demands, even the ability to quickly communicate in the event of an operational issue or failure.

“With the futuristic concept racecar, we wanted to peer into the future and imagine the art of the possible,” said John Allert, Group Brand Director, McLaren Technology Group.

The car is even envisioned to have solar paneling all over the exterior, which acts as a supplemental power source, and there’s also the enticing possibility of gesture control and even a brain interface that enables the driver to control the car directly via thought. And never mind age-old sticky decals for on-car advertising and branding–even these consist of a ‘fully adaptive digital marketing surface.’ The possibilities positively tingle.

Of course this is all but vapourware at present, but the technologies to enable such a car are very real. Although from the video below, that photon-drive light trail does look questionable (though undoubtedly cool,) not to mention that apparently millimeter-high ground clearance that makes it suited to only the most pristine racing surfaces.


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