Tata’s overall sales for November 2015 decline by 7 per cent

Tata’s overall sales for November 2015 decline by 7 per cent

Tata Motors today announced their sales figures for November this year. The report shows a seven per cent decline in total sales as 38,918 units were sold last month in comparison to 41,720 cars sold in the same month last year.

The company’s domestic sales including commercial and passenger vehicles stood at 35,345 units during November 2015 as compared to 37,427 units during the same month in 2014 (down by six per cent). Last month, the company sold 10,517 units of the passenger vehicles segment showing a 13 per cent drop in sales figures. They had sold 12,021 units of the same during the corresponding period in 2014. The company’s exports for last month were also down by 17 per cent as only 3,573 units were sold abroad, as against 4,293 vehicles in November 2014.


Tata’s overall sales for November 2015 decline by 7 per cent

Despite the drop in sales numbers for November 2015, the cumulative sales (including exports) for the fiscal grew by three per cent with 3,24,973 vehicles sold in this period, over 3,14,505 vehicles sold last year. The major contribution is from the exports for the fiscal that grew by 11 per cent. Overall, 36,344 units were exported, more than the 32,668 units sold in the same period last year.

While we cannot see much action in the sales figures as of now, we expect that these numbers will change with the launch of the Tata Zica and upcoming Hexa crossover in the coming year. The highly anticipated cars should help Tata to better their sales report.


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