Telenor India Modernises 2,500 Sites Across 6 Circles

Telenor India has modernised 2,500 sites across six circles to upgrade its existing network which will help it to launch high speed Internet services in the coming years, a company statement said in New Delhi on Thursday.

“The network modernisation project will help us prepare to address the demand for high speed data as mobile Internet will be the primary mode for consumers as services continue to get digital,” Sharad Mehrotra, CEO telenor India Communications, said.

The company on Thursday completed six years of operations in India.

Earlier this year, Telenor announced a program to swap its entire network of 24,000 base stations with state-of-the-art equipment by 2017.

In the first phase of the project, 5000 sites are to be modernised by end of 2015. In addition to this, Telenor is also expanding its network in Bihar and Jharkhand by adding 950 sites.

“The network modernisation programme shows our long term commitment to the India market. In a spectrum constrained and highly competitive business environment, the efficiencies we derive from the new network will help us maintain a cost efficient operation and be future ready to manage the increasing demand from our customers for data services,” Mehrotra said.

Telenor’s new network is being executed and managed by huawei India.

The new equipment will increase spectral efficiency by 15 percent and improve in-door coverage by 15-20 percent, and also reduce power consumption by around 30 percent, the statement added.


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