This Super Mario Bros. Watch Can Be Yours…for $18,950

If you’ve ever wanted to look down at your wrist and see Mario, there’s a new watch that will allow you to do just that.

Luxury watchmaker Romain Jerome just unveiled the RJ X Super Mario Bros. watch. The device is a standard timepiece rather than a smartwatch, but it comes with a full Super Mario Bros. design in honor of the game’s 30th anniversary.

The watchface features Mario himself, alongside a mushroom and other tidbits from the game. It comes with a somewhat large 46mm case, and a signature RJ wristband and branding on the watchface.

Perhaps its most surprising feature, however, is its price: the device is on sale for $18,950.

Those with deep pockets who are interested in buying the special-edition RJ X Super Mario Bros. watch better hurry: the company made just 85 units, in a nod to the year in which the game arrived, 1985.


The watch’s launch comes at a time of transition for Nintendo, as it tries to stay alive in a highly competitive console market. Consumers are increasingly turning to their smartphones and tablets, forcing Nintendo to bring its games to those products, as well. Its first mobile game debuts in march

Super Mario Bros. was one of the most iconic launches of all time and, along with the Nintendo Entertainment System it was built on, which also just turned 30 helped to address issues in the console business and turn that market around. To this day, it’s one of the most addictive and fun gaming experiences, and is remembered as one of the top games of all time.

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