OnePlus introduces exchange and buyback program for OnePlus 2, OnePlus X

OnePlus introduces exchange and buyback program for OnePlus 2, OnePlus X

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has opened up a buyback and exchange program for those looking out to upgrade to its one plus 2 or one plus X smartphones. OnePlus begins rolling out the offers starting from 30 November and will be tying up with ReGlobe for the same.

Reglobe is known for its expertise in end-of-life product management, brand no bar.  Post registration, the buyer receives a quote and will be contacted regarding the exchange process.

According to the OnePlus blog post, there are two types of exchange schemes currently available and here is where things get a bit complicated, thanks to the existing invite system.

The first one is a ‘Buy First, Sell Later Option’ wherein the buyer can buy a OnePlus by entering the invite code for the OnePlus smartphone of their choice. OnePlus will schedule a pick-up of the older device for a future date. Once picked up, ReGlobe will then check into the state of the smartphone after which the company will send across a link for a free Amazon Gift Coupon that is equivalent to the older smartphone’s price. Basically, you buy the smartphone at the sale price and you get an Amazon Gift Card in return for your older smartphone.

The second one ‘Sell First, Buy Next Option’ where ReGlobe steps in at the start and will help the customer get a good quote for their older smartphone. Once the price is settled, the customer gets an invite for their OnePlus smartphone and the Amazon gift card, which matches the negotiated quote of the older device.

OnePlus is also offering free insurance on the new OnePlus purchase. But that has a clause as well, where your older device’s buyback amount must exceed Rs 5,000 to qualify for free insurance.


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